Can you trust Jeremy's promises?

Jeremy Corbyn has broken promise after promise.

Some people think his promises aren’t very realistic.

Others think that he will just promise whatever people want to hear.

We’ve put some of Jeremy's most popular promises in one place, so you can make up your mind:

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Jeremy Corbyn Headshot
Jeremy’s promise to respect the EU referendum result:
Labour accepts the referendum result
Labour backs second Brexit referendum
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Before the 2017 General Election, Jeremy Corbyn said he would respect the result of the EU referendum. 


Respecting the result means working to deliver Brexit. Making sure the process goes as smoothly as possible.

Jeremy Corbyn has ripped up his promise to respect the referendum result. 


Now Labour is pursuing a divisive second referendum that would take us back to square one.

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Jeremy’s promise to abolish student debt:
Existing student debt? “I will deal with it.”
“I didn't make a commitment to write it off”
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Before the 2017 General Election, Jeremy Corbyn said he’d ‘deal with’ student debt. 


Many people thought that meant he’d scrap existing student debt. 


Lots of Labour MPs also thought that was his policy – which is why they started repeating Jeremy’s promise to voters.

After the General Election, Jeremy Corbyn was asked if he still wanted to scrap student debt. 


Jeremy then said that he didn’t support the policy. He went on to say that he had never promised to scrap student debt.

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Jeremy’s promise to back funding for our police forces:
“The Tories’ cuts to the police are devastating”
Jeremy Corbyn voted against up to £970 million more in police funding
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Labour claims the Government is cutting funding for the police.

They say our fair approach to police funding is "leaving communities exposed" - despite crime falling by over a third since 2010.

But when he had the chance to vote for more funding for the police system, Jeremy Corbyn voted to block it.

In fact, no Labour MP voted for more funding for the police.

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Jeremy’s promise to cut stamp duty for first-time buyers:
“We will cut stamp duty to zero for first-time buyers buying their first home”
Jeremy Corbyn voted against abolishing stamp duty for 80% of first-time buyers.
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Before the 2017 General Election, Jeremy Corbyn promised a ‘new deal on housing’. 


Part of that new deal was to cut stamp duty – a homeowner’s tax - for people buying their first home.


The policy was even included in Labour’s election manifesto.

After the General Election, the Government brought in new laws to cut stamp duty for 95% of first-time buyers. 


But Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party voted against that legislation. Leaving people wondering why he would promise to cut stamp duty – then vote against it at the first opportunity. 

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Jeremy’s promise to renew our nuclear deterrent:
“Labour supports the renewal of the Trident nuclear deterrent”
When are you going to get rid of Trident? “As soon as I can”
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In Labour’s election manifesto, Jeremy Corbyn promised to renew Trident, Britain's nuclear deterrent.

Trident was coming up for renewal, and it was up to the party in government to decide whether to renew and keep it – or scrap it.

But after the General Election, Corbyn was asked at Glastonbury when he was going to get rid of Trident.

He replied: “As soon as I can.”

Has Jeremy broken this promise?
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